• Yumwiz Restaurant Websites (Under Construction)

    • Yumwiz Still under construction, Yumwiz is a new service providing websites for restaurants. OrangeWiz will be providing services including Mobile-friendly Responsive Design, Logo and Brand Design, Web Design, Web Development, Web Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Strategy (Twitter). Yumwiz will provide both custom website designs as well as a number of pre-built design templates to choose from.

      Visit: [ Yumwiz Restaurant Websites ]


    • Armless The MovieARMLESS is a new movie premeiring at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, garnering buzz with the top 10 films. OrangeWiz provided a broad range of services and consulting for the movie, including Logo and Brand Design, Web Design, Web Development, Web Hosting, Apparel and Promotional Materials Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Strategy (Twitter, Facebook). Although the site is intended to be simple and informational, it includes a few subtle and elegant effects achieved through the use of cutting edge (standards compliant and cross-browser) technology, including an animated buzz saw logo (Flash Animation), embedded specialty fonts (sIFR), a photo slideshow, custom scrollbars, and a popup overlay/lightbox containing the movie's trailer (Javascript/Mootools).

      Visit: [ ARMLESS The Movie ]

    Summit Push

    • Summit PushLogo Design for Summit Push, a technology consulting and development company.

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    • collabSrcUnder Construction. collabSrc will be a product to facilitate collaboration on projects. Members can post projects they want help with, or find other members' projects to help with.

      Visit: [ collabSrc (Under Construction) ]
  • ElephanToes

    • ElephanToesUnder Construction. ElephanToes creates quality 1-of-a-kind personalized baby and children's clothing and accesories, and is currently working with OrangeWiz on the creation and launch of their web site. Revolving around the integration of a Portfolio and Shopping Cart system, the new site will allow ElephanToes to expand its already-succesful business onto the internet.

      Visit: [ ElephanToes (Under Construction) ]

    Titan Athletic Group

    • Titan Athletic GroupThe Titan Athletic Group (TAG) develops innovative sports-related training equipment and is currently raising capital for manufacturing and marketing. TAG worked with OrangeWiz on Web Design enhancements to aide in their investment phase, as well as to migrate its Web Hosting to a new infrastructure that will suit its future marketing plans.

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Technical Due Diligence and
Organizational Strategy Customers

Software Integration Customers

OrangeWiz Labs (Experiments)

  • Jennifer Photography
    • Jennifer Drach PhotographyThe Jennifer Photography website is a showcase of Jen's photography portfolio. In addition, Jen can post private photo galleries for all her wedding clients and their families/friends. OrangeWiz built this site using Flash with a database-driven backend. The site includes a custom-built, fully dynamic photo gallery and custom Content Management System application which gives Jen full control over her portfolio and client gallery images/albums without having to touch any code. Contact us for a demo login to the private client galleries.

      Visit: [ Jennifer Photography ]
  • The Bailey Page
    • The Bailey PageA custom built Family Tree application is the heart of the Bailey Family's presence on the web. This project was created from start to finish by OrangeWiz Studios, taking advantage of our Web Design, Custom Application Development, and Web Hosting services. The Family Tree application allows family members to login and edit their own biographical information as well as upload photos. Contact us for a demo login. This project also includes basic setup and integration of "off the shelf" message board software, PHPBB.

      Visit the: [ The Bailey Page ]
  • Trilogy Group, LLC.
    • Trilogy Group This goal of this project was to design and build a simple web presence for the Trilogy Group, LLC consulting company. The site will mainly serve as a "Business Card", ensuring that current and prospective customers can find this more traditional company on the web. Trilogy had an existing logo that needed to be incorporated into the design.

      Visit: [ Trilogy Group, LLC. ]
  • VIP Pet Spa
    • image2Under new ownership, VIP Pet Spa was looking to freshen its image with a series of new logos. While the logos needed to be fresh, they also needed to incorporate a few familiar elements from the previous logos as well as the color scheme used in the physical storefront. These new logos are now used on business cards as well as other marketing materials.

      [ Final Designs ]